Burberry Trench

  1. I went to try on Burberry trench at Burberry store and fall in-love with one single-breasted trench! I can't pull off double-breasted. It makes me look thick and short! I think I have to just forget about double-breasted jacket of any kind and stick with what's good on me.

    Anyhow, do you know what the different between trench coat at Burberry shop and those at high-end dept (Saks, NM, Nord)? At the shop, the starting price is $945 and when I look at Saks/NM/Nord website, the price is around $700.

    The SA at Burberry said those are discontinued item or it's not 100% cotton. I'm not sure if she is reliable though.

    Last but not least, what do you think of Burberry trench? Worth it? They only have one style for single-breasted trench but my god, it looks to good on me that my DH was about to pull out the wallet if it's not $1395!! :sweatdrop:
  2. I think she may be right - some of the styles are not 100% cotton and those are cheaper.
    I think that a burberry trench is a classic that you will enjoy for many years - I don't have one but my mother does and she just looks superstyled every time she wears it. If you got the cash go for it, or save up for it!
  3. Sorry i don't know what the difference between the trenches are. But all i know is that a Burberry trench is defiantely worth the money and it is such a classic.:yes: I l:heart:ve it.
  4. I want a Burberry Trench too and was tempted to order one on-line from Neiman's or Saks (I can't remember which) last night. I don't know why they're less expensive in the department stores, but I don't think it is because they are old styles. Maybe Burberry makes certain styles exclusively for their own stores and other styles exclusively for Saks, etc. I think that where ever they come from they're all excellent quality and really a nice coat to have.

    Have you looked on Burberry's website? Sometimes they have pretty good sales. I haven't looked lately, but right after Christmas they had tons of nice things marked down.
  5. I love the burberry trench buts so expensive, I rather buy a LV purse.
  6. hmm, if you can wait, i would definitely try to wait on the coat right now because burberry does have sales twice a year, once i believe in june or july, and once after Thanksgiving (it used to be day after Christmas, but they are changing it up this year)
  7. Thank you everyone for your comments. I buy the trench today. Here is the pic. I think I'm going to return it. It's a cool looking trench but after walking around the house on it, I just feel that the jacket overwhelm somehow. :crybaby:
  8. ^^ KEEP IT!! I think you look chic and sophisticated and soo classic
  9. It looks GORGEOUS on you! You look like a million bucks!
  10. It looks GREAT!!! Don't return it! like uhkiwi said, very chic.
  11. omg....DO NOT RETURN!!!!!:wtf:

    it looks nothing short of AMAZING:drool::nuts:
  12. u look SO GOOOD IN THAT!!! dont return it! hehe
  13. It looks great on you!
  14. I'm the only one, I guess, who doesn't like Burberry trenches. I had one in white color, and returned it. I'm still searching for my perfect trench, not Burberry though, and definately not Marc Jacobs.
  15. That trench is GORGEOUS on you. OMG, I totally want one. Don't return it- you'll give it a great home!!