Burberry Trench Best to buy at Burberry Store

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  1. I am off to London and about to get my first Burberry trench. Is it best to get it at the Burberry stand alone store or is it ok to buy it from a department store or is there actually no difference at all?
    Thanks in advance
  2. This reply might be a little too late, guess you are back from London by now.
    I don't think there's a difference buying it from a department store or the Burberry store, but I prefer to get mine from the Burberry store so that I can ask for a box and a Burberry paperbag :smile:
  3. Burberry stores offer free adjustment if the garment doesn't fit you, but dept stores probably don't
  4. I suggest the burberry store in regent street, as it is quite large so you'll be sure to have a range of choices ;) also because it's near to selfridges and liberty, if you wanted to go have a look at what they have there too
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