Burberry Question

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  1. I was playing around on ebay, on the slim chance their's something cute...AND real~ And I've come across this...

    Now the first one is an ex. of the ebay'er claiming their "AUTH" but the second is from Burberry.com ANd i see this small detail, the horses leg on the ebay is shorter than the one from Burberry! THe person is in europe. SO does that change the horsey? Please help out if you can! THanks:idea:

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  2. I took my authentic Burberry barrel bag out and I noticed the horse leg IS longer than the tail, just like the bags on Burberry.com. The horsey on your ebay bag looks kinda "off" to me. The horseman figure on that bag looks too distinctive and kinda pops out at you. The horseman on the authentic bag should look more like a shadow far away and you can only see the details of the horseman once you get closer to the bag itself. I believe that bag is a fake. Look at the price they are offering. If it's too good to be true then it probably is.

    You can check out authentic Burberry bags on bluefly.com (I bought mine from there), ashford.com, or wait until Burberry.com goes on sale. Last year, they had a bunch of their signature bags on sale for up to 50% off!!
  3. thanks! THe price is only 100 plus shipp. SO I know it's a bust. THanks for checking. I'm just gonna wait for a sale...:P 'cuz I love sales....
  4. Ya, that's a fake. Better wait for the sale. Hee hee...
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    Has anyone see this one before? Do you know the approximate dimensions of this tote?


  6. Please post a new thread and upload your pic using the paperclip function