Burberry Orchard

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  1. Hi All, is there any love for the orchard ? I have just bought the small leather one, I’ll post some pictures tonight. There isn’t much information out there and would love to see some more.
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  2. Nice to see another person liking the old school Burberry bags. I have one in metallic ombré, going from gold to black and it’s very well made with that thick pebbled leather. I’m out of town so I’ll post mine next week. Looking forward to seeing yours.
  3. Yours sounds lovely, I’m looking forward to seeing yours too.
  4. Here are some quick snaps, Lily my exotic shorthair decided she wanted to be in the pic. I’ll post more tomorrow in natural daylight outside.

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  5. Your cat’s tone compliments the bag:smile:. Is this a taupe or warm beige? Nice shade.
    Here’s mine. 85D0B2DD-3551-4DF5-BA5D-2BFC3682DBE3.jpeg
  6. E322E23A-1D8B-4950-9839-ACF89919D633.jpeg
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  7. This is an older photo - but I have on in pink with the matching wallet. Bought it 4 yrs ago from Burberry online when it was on sale.

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  8. 94CE9114-D1A8-4BD9-9EEE-38BFD2EC52B9.jpeg 00DE68C4-FD69-4125-987E-5F238D961663.jpeg
    Oh that is gorgeous, I’m think it is taupe but I’m not sure.
  9. That’s a lovely shade of pink,lucky you