Burberry Nova Rain boot and Umbrella: Where can I find these on sale?

  1. Hey guys!
    I'm new to the Burberry forum :smile: I recently saw a girl with gorgeous brown/beige Nova rain boots with a matching umbrella. I want them so bad but not for retail price though :nogood: Would any of you wonderful ladies know where I can score a deal on these items? Thanks!
  2. only thing i can think of would be the outlets..
  3. thanks for replying rainyjewels! do you know which burberry outlets carry the largest selection? or how much they would be?
  4. I've never seen the rainboots at the outlet near me (Leesburg, VA). But, I have seen the umbrellas...I really don't know what outlet is the largest but I think I remember seeing on this forum that the one in London has the best deals on items and has the biggest selection of products...everything but bags if I remember correctly!
  5. Outlets should have some.
  6. there's a pair on nm.com. I've seen them in outlets too. The outlets don't do charge sends.
  7. did you check out he price of these?