Burberry "Made in China"...

  1. ...is not necessarily made in China: This information I got today from an eBay seller (where I just purchased a Nova Check bag):

    [FONT=arial,sans-serif]Hi Regina,
    The bag is "Made in China" but this is what I found out from a help supervisor at www.burberry.com that I like to clarify for my customers.
    All Burberry handbags are "Made in Italy" but sometimes they have there hardware done in China.Because it is the last port of entry they must label it with the china label. If you want to verify this you can call Burberry at there toll free number on the website and allways ask for a help supervisor.i am sure they have a free number for your country.Some of my customers have done this and were happy and satisfied to finally have that cleared up.

    I find this interesting... so it all depends on the last port of entry?
    Regina :idea:
  2. yup I knew this... It was in all the Nordstroms bags I saw a few weeks back.. the sales lady was explainig it the same way :O)
  3. There's so much information going back and forth about the made in I stopped caring. =-P
  4. Holy crap, that sounds dumb. I won't buy made in china stuff and I'm too skeptical to take their word for it.

    I was so disappointed when I brought my 2 new burberry umbrellas home and then I saw that they were made in china. At this point, I'm keeping them (they are very nice), but in the future I'll avoid the made in china burberry no matter... it's just a thing I have. If I want a bag that's made in china, I'll buy a coach. :smile: Sorry if I sound bitter, it's just that I'm tired of everything being outsourced. Next thing you know the gucci logo bags will have fabric made in china. that'd be so sad.

    I was heartbroken when Kate Spade moved the leatherware over to china...
  5. Unfortunatly most stuff is made in China. It is all the the book Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster . Gucci is made in China too, but there are exceptions such as Hermes, Chanel.
  6. As far as I know, Louis Vuitton doesn't produce in China, either. But I guess, in the future China will be the new France or Italy as long as the production there is so much cheaper and the quality the same as in Europe.
    I don't mind so much when a bag is made in Cina as long as it's as good as the bags that are made in Europe; for me, a Burberry bag is still a Burberry bag.
    Regina :smile:
  7. I believe it's actually the other way around most of the time... When the parts are made in china (or another cheap producing country) and the parts are put together in, for example, a european country like italy or france. This way they carry the logo 'made in france' while having low producing costs...
    This is what I've read several times in different places, but I have not investigated it, so I could also be wrong ;)
  8. Roxana, that makes sense what you're saying! Also because the Asian customers prefer bags made in Europe and do not want anything made in China; they believe the Europeans have more expertise in making the bags as they have done it for decades...and China is still in its infancy and has no "heritage" in making purses.
  9. I think most of the bags are now made in various countries. Like some of you said, the hardware could be in China, for example, the leather and fabric could be from Italy, the zippers could be yet in another country. I think the old world of skilled craftsmen making a handbag from scratch is dying. No way can they make the bags in huge numbers. Yes, I also believe that there will still be some companies like Hermes but they are far and few. They are really the old Luxury where the niche is customisation and thus they can charge premiums and I think the prices justifies that. Rather than those corporations that markets IT bags every seasons and sells by the millions. Unless you don't really go for brandnames. Brands are now commodities and not luxury anymore.
  10. My SA said that Burberry is now producing all the Prorsum handbags in Italy. They have a factory there (that is used by other luxury leather handbag brands also!). So at least the Prorsum line is made in Italy.
  11. hmm...i got a bag from eBay that said made in italy on the back of the burberry london tag...i thought it was fake, and i came here to get answers...but there ya go! I have my answer
  12. That's a load of BS. Why would Burberry ship the bag to China to attach the hardware after paying for an Italian-made body when they could just ship the hardware to Italy?
  13. Because workers in China are much cheaper, they get only a couple of cents per working hour. Fishermen also catch shrimp int the North Sea and then carry it on trucks down to North Africa where workers remove the "shell" (?) I don't recall the right word and then the shrimps are ferried home again where they are sold... it's a mad, mad world...
  14. i read an article regarding that prince charles is not happy about burberry moving their maufacturing thats british based over to china..and now im reading that its already made in china?

    im :confused1:
  15. Yes, I have an original Burberry bag, bought last year at Harrods that is actually made in China. I have won another one on eBay and it's on its way to me right now, that is also a "made in China" bag - at least the hardware.
    Regina :yes: