Burberry London Check

  1. How is the quality on these canvas bags? Does someone here own one?
  2. None familiar with this bag/material ??
  3. Anyone? Very curious to know if this canvas is durable and handles the elements well.
  4. I bought this bag, but I've now sold it. The quality was quite bad. The canvas is just 100% pvc, and not the usual coated canvas that LV and Gucci have. The hardware is really bad quality. The gold color just flake off after a while, and the strap got very seedy quite quickly.
  5. Thats very disappointing, being that i was planning on purchasing a backpack and zip pouch in the london check. I was kind of hoping it was a coated canvas (PVC coated) as opposed to 100% PVC. Thank you for bringing forth that info dorf! May be going with Bal instead.
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  6. Sorry the bag was not as expected! It's a very attractive looking bag! Hope you were able to get most of your money back by reselling it. :smile:
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