burberry headband

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  1. i have the burberry headband, (the hard one) i've had it about 5-6 years now, any way i can clean it? i don't know what products to use, thanks :p
  2. how much is the headband? I've never seen one!!
  3. the headband is super cute!! i wanted to buy one, but i get headaches easily so i can't wear it =(

    you could probably ask your boutique on how to clean it? or spot clean i guess?
  4. Hi...I have the same headband and I just bought cleaning wipes at Yankee Candle to clean it.. I've also had mine for about 5 years and it still looks brand new! I get so many compliments on it..I'm not sure if Saks(where I bought mine) still sells them. My boyfriends sister wanted one for Christmas and I looked everywhere for another one but it appears they are quite hard to find now! But to answer your question...just wipe it down with cleaning wipes
  5. hmm around 2001-2002 when i bought it it was around 30ish? i dont remember sorry :shrugs:
  6. Mine was 50 I believe.
  7. I have been looking everywhere for a burberry headband! Its good to know that after 5 years you ladies still get compliments on the headband!
  8. I saw the headband while I was Christmas gift shopping, I wanted to purchase it badly but I couldn't 'cause I told myself Christmas gift's come first =( but I'm going back to get one soon! I hope they still have it, cause it was the last one. And about the cleaning, sorry I don't know. =/
  9. I Want One Sooo Bad
  10. I bought mine a few months ago from the Burberry store for $75.
  11. There's some on eBay but probably fake :sad:
  12. the headbands ARE hard to find right now, but i was able to get right before xmas, the shimmer check one which is 60. i looooove it b/c it's deeper hued than the regular check, so it goes well with my skin tone, and it has shimmer to it.
  13. I just visited the outlet in Michigan City a few months back and they carry the headbands pretty regularly. I bought the same one there (I get the headaches too!) and I take items into my local Burberry store for repair and cleaning.
  14. I havent seen them in stores lately but i got the wide one in the regular check, another one in pink check and my bow shaped hair clip in pink. Maybe the outlets still have them.

    Mine havent caught stain but can u use spot remover?
  15. I remember them. I've been wanting one for a while, but I can't find it anymore. :sad: