Burberry Blue Label...

  1. I am not sure about it being nice...I felt some of the designs are very tacky and just very big on the logos.....
  2. anyone know where to get a list of model no for blue label bags as i need to find one model no but i only have the picture
  3. Go to the Rakuten site, they are a large online Japanese department store. Here is a search link I did for you, if the item number is not displayed in the title, then click on it, there is a "stat sheet" and lots of pictures of each bag on the item page: http://search.borderless.rakuten.com/borderless/search.action?p=1&vm=1&f=0&fs=0&sm=0&k=burberry&tl=110933&l=en
  4. Hi

    i am going to taiwan in two weeks time. i know there is a lot of authentic reseller in singapore and especially in hong kong. I have been there and also bought from Queensave singapore. As it is not sold in malaysia, everytime I go on vacation I will try to look for burberry bags. This time is Taiwan so any idea where I can find these authentic reseller there. Hopefully, I can get a winter collection one. Btw, the one sold in HK is genuine and much cheaper compared to Singapore. I have both burberry london and also blue lable and i MUST SAY DURABILITY IS ALWAYS WITH BLUE LABEL. BURBBERY LONDON EASY NOVA CHECK EASY TO DIRTY AND NOT EASY TO CLEAN HEART SICK
  5. i came across this profile in facebook recently. it's a reseller for BBL in malaysia, and i was told, in singapore too.

    for those who are interested, Burberry Blue Label
  6. so the 'blue labels' aren't fakes? :confused1:
  7. ^Blue Label is one of their lines...like Burberry London, Burberry Prorsum, Burberry Brit...Burberry Blue Label. It's sold in Asia.
  8. It's a bit unsettling that many ppl think BBL is lower quality..it's not..it's just a different line of the brand geared towards different market!
  9. Hello I was looking through my moms boxes and found this bag and I wanted to know if it is authentic and about how much was the price? I took it to my local Burberry and they said they are not allowed to authenticate so now I turn to my fellow tpfers to help me thanks in advanced!:biggrin:
    20110226220741138.jpg 3.jpg
  10. you should post it to the authentication thread =)
  11. question regarding the style number of blue label, for bags/clothing. I'm wondering if anyone bought any legit blue label that has a style number other than the following format:
    (i.e., 3 letters, follow by 7 digits)

    Did they ever use a different format in older time? I have a few items begin with only 2 letters (and than 8 digits), now I'm wondering if they are fake... or just old version...
  12. BBL2.jpg BBL1.jpg BBL3.jpg BBL4.jpg
  13. So is the burberry london blue label a real burberry bag? like this bag
  14. here is the label part is this fake ?