Buon Viaggio from Spring '07 Collection Wanted

  1. Hellooooo! Does anyone know where I can find the Buon Viaggio form the Spring '07 collection in the white color? I forgot what the color was actually called, but it was basically white and the "tokidoki for LeSortsac" on the bottom was tan colored. I waited too long and it is no longer on the website and there are none on eBay =(
    Help? Thanks :yes:
  2. You must be talking about Bianco print.
  3. I saw some not too long ago at the downtown Seattle Macy's store....perhaps they will do charge/send....
    good luck.
  4. im sure Macys in Stoneridge Mall in Pleasanton, CA has one...give them a call :]
  5. the macy's i went to in concord, ca had a bianco BV too. there probably are still some in stores since white bags are considered "summery." good luck with it!
  6. Thank you! I just ordered one from Macys =)