<3 tPf!
Jul 13, 2007
Scott Twp, PA
I am not sure if this post goes here or in the shopping...

But just called my outlet again looking for the Red/Blk Groovy, and she told me they were NOT getting them in, they are ONLY getting the accessories...

I wonder if they are getting sick of me calling everyday...LOL.

Did anyone else hear this? I heard that they have been popping up in a couple different outlets....hmmm?
Dec 1, 2008
I think you should just go (if you're really keen, and esp. if BlueGatorade thinks she saw one there). That Washington Tanger outlet is notorious (IMHO) for saying they don't have something and then actually having it. This has happened to me several times... and while I'm always happy to actually find what I've been looking for, I often feel a little jaded about how much the SAs really check (sometimes they do, sometimes they don't... and sometimes they may be confused abt. what you're asking about). Or maybe they get so many shipments in it's hard to keep track? I don't know, but I'd say check in person if you really want that bag. (unless it's a long distance)


Feb 9, 2006
~New Hampshire~
When I went to pick up my Large zoe and poppy wristlet...I seen the Tartan lg. wristlets in both the red and pink as well as the wristlets..The sm. tartan wristlets are going for $26.00..I'm picking up the Red/Black tom...I can ask my friend about the Groovy because they had 2 pink one's when I spoke to her this morning...:smile:


Aug 21, 2008
Eastern Iowa
WHATEVER YOU DO DON'T LISTEN TO THEM!!!! Maybe my bad/lazy SA's have made me a synic but I believe NOTHING that comes out of the outlet SA's mouth!!! Watch for what others are scoring in their reveals and still call/check in accordingly!!!!

They don't know for sure what they are and aren't getting....that's BS!!!