Bulgari or Cartier

  1. Ok so now Im being fickle LOL:nuts:. I posted a thread about whether to get the cartier pasha or santos. Now I found a Bulgari that I'm loving too:rolleyes: I love the fact that its gold and steel and I can match it with yellow or white gold jewelry. I have a rolex datejust in gold and steel with white dial. This watch has a black dial that makes it different. So which would you recommend. The pasha 35mm or bulgari 30m? I attached pics. Which do you think is known for quality and value?
    Bulgari.jpg Cartier.jpg
  2. I have the same exact Pasha 35, and it's my favorite watch, even more than my Rolex Datejust. I love love love it. So I'm going to say the Bulgari. lol J/K!!! Definitely the Pasha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. That Bvlgari is TDF!!! :nuts: So gorgeous, I'm going to abandon my long-standing support of Cartier and go for the Bvlgari - it just seems a little more chic.
  4. It so sleek and sexy isnt it? They also have the one in 33mm which might be just the right size since I love bigger watches:graucho:
  5. Hmm. I prefer the second, but I don't like the two tone. The gold looks brassy to my eyes. If it was one color, I'd be sold on #2.
  6. Love the bvlgari!
  7. I don't like two-tone so my vote goes to the Cartier. :yes:
  8. I love the Cartier.
  9. Vote goes to Cartier Pasha C.
    Had it for years! It's versatile, hip and yet timeless....
  10. I'm voting on the Pasha,bi-colored watches don't do it for me,but in this instance I actually prefer the shape of the Cartier,I love the over-sized crown and the keeper etc.
    I have seen some lovely Bulgaris,but in this choice of two I'm with the Pasha, sorry!!!!xxx

    And as AccessoriseMe says,its hip and timeless,so it'll stay looking cool and fresh for along time!!

    I passed one of these over a few years ago and then ended up with my GMT2,as I adore big watches on girls,but looking at the Pasha again,I'm seriously thinking of letting one of my Rolexes go so I can finance a Pasha!!! But I'm moving house in less than two weeks so it'll have to wait a bit!!!
  11. alrighty!!! Im getting the pasha hun:yahoo:!!! I promise to post pics when I get internet access in our new flat!!! Ill probably get it this weekend before I change my mind LOL :graucho: Thanks everyone!!!!
  12. Yaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!! I think its lovely!!! BUT you have to buy what YOU really want of course!!!!! I am actually considering one,I'll talk it over with Andy tonight!!:tup:
  13. Yipeeeee!!!! I suggest you get the pasha too hun:graucho:!!! If you do sell one of your rolexs, which one are you selling? It'ld be nice to have variety. A rolex and cartier would be a dream team :graucho:
  14. cartier ofcourse
  15. Classic Cartier ^^