Bulga Large Pudding Flap Tote in Deep Rose

  1. What do you guys think of this bag? i love the colour!
    Now i just need to find shoes in this colour :smile:
  2. I just bought this bag in "amore." It is beautiful! What about a scarf with the rose color on it to match the bag?
  3. You don't *have* to match your shoes to your bag, in fact, a lot of experts would recommend against that tendency. I suggest getting a nice pair of metallic flats, or maybe a pair of beautiful taupe pumps/heels that will exaggerate the length of your leg. Both stunning and totally on point for spring.

    Gorgeous bag. Congrats!
  4. just bought this bag myself! it's a beautiful color....i'd wear all shades of bone, tan, nude, brown in shoes with her....
  5. Congratulations on a beautiful bag! I agree with the idea of nude shoes to elongate your legs.

  6. really diggin' the pinky bag :heart: :tup:

    where do u think i can find the exact one in the same colour?

  7. You can get the same exact purse at Revolve if you keep looking every day. I returned one in that exact colour and it should be back anytime soon. It's on sale and a super deal. Good luck!
  8. These pics are for you princesspjpants!

    Also, here's another pic of the bag in natural light:
    pic 1 for princesspjpants.JPG pic 2 for princesspjpants.JPG
  9. It looks on you. I want to get one too.:wlae:
  10. momo43: AWWWWWWw thank you hunnie!!!

    the bag looks stunning on you!!

    thanks a bunch for posting pics!! :flowers: