Bulga Banana color

  1. Does anyone own a Bulga bag in the banana color? Could you please describe the color to me? Is it yelllow or cream? Every picture I've seen looks cream.:confused1: But bananas are yellow, unless it's the inside of a banana.:confused1:
  2. it's cream...not yellow...it's a really pretty color though
  3. think of vanilla custard....it's def. cream, not yellow. the inside of a banana is another good example :smile:
  4. So glad you asked this Janinevs! I always thought it was yellow, and I almost purchased the Bulga studded tote in Banana from Karizma Boutique. But they ended up calling me to tell me it's out of stock. I was so upset cause I wanted a yellow bag so badly. Now I feel better =).
  5. Can someone describe their "oyster" color? Is it darker than the banana?
  6. ^^ I would like to know too. To me it looks very close to the banana color....like a cream color.
  7. I love bags that have food names.......yummy!!!!!
  8. Yes, it is definitely a cream color. I've never seen banana IRL but it looks pretty close to me. Just be very careful - it picks up color from clothing (and dirt) like a magnet! NM was kind enough to exchange mine for another color bag. Oyster is a gorgeous color but very high maintenance!