Building Your Collection: The 5 Bags Every Girl Needs

  1. For me the slouchy bag and the everday favorite are the same. :smile: I still need a dressy bag but I don't like most evening bags. Probably because I have no dressy mode period!
  2. I love your OP! To me, if one bag can play multiple roles, all the better... versatility is a good thing. So, at a maximum one could have 5 bags in a core bag wardrobe, but could get away with fewer. For example, for me, the slouchy could also be the work bag and the everyday bag!
  3. I like this list a lot - it reminds me of the conversation I have with myself every time I shop for a bag, "Where am I going to use this?" The more categories it falls in the better!

    I would not have understood the need for an office bag either until two promotions ago. Now I get it. Serious jobs require serious bags.
  4. I tend to buy too many evening bags! Need to add variety..:biggrin:
  5. Thinking about this again, I'd say that the 'slouchy bag' should be the 'ratty bag'. I think of my everyday bag as the one I grab when I run out for groceries or something, but it can still be a good leather bag. I think there's a whole other category of low maintenance bag that you grab when you think you're going to be somewhere grimy or outdoorsy or when you're groggy and might spill a bit of a drink on a weekend morning. This would be like a canvas bag or something for me, not designer stuff!

    I tend to want more variety in my everday bags. I don't have enough dressy events to go to to warrant a lot of varitey in the structure/evening bag category.
  6. I found 4 of the 5 categories matched as follows:

    • The Catch-All Tote: Speedy 35, Herve Chapelier 925N nylon (this is the one that gets dirty and goes in the washer)
    • The Everyday Favorite: Marc Jacobs Stam, Big Buddha Monet (how I wish this was done in leather, it's synthetic. just a breeze to carry around)
    • The “Instant Dresser-Upper”: Chanel flap, LV Beverly MM (if only I had somewhere to go)
    • The Office Bag: n/a
    • The Slouchy Bag: MbMJ Teri and MbMJ Bowler (these are pretty eye catching just bumming around)

    This gave me a good idea of what else is sitting in my closet that's not one of those "reach for" bags. Good reason to eliminate the "unnecessary" in the new year...
  7. I really like your post! Unfortunately, I don't have too much money on hand, so "catch all" and "slouchy" are the same for me.
  8. Good stuff! I think my "slouchy bag" could end up being my "everyday bag" although at the moment I cycle fairly often between my Mulberry Alexa in oak, YSL Roady in navy, Longchamp Victoire in black and Miu Miu bow in green.

    The dresser upper though, for me, is definitely the Bottega knot clutch! And I just end up using my everyday bag as my office bag. Maybe I should get a proper office bag. More excuses to shop!
  9. :tup:
  10. Great thread. I agree with your conclusions, OP!
  11. posted in wrong thread. Ooops!
  12. I think everyone should have a stylish classy yet unique look that matches you more than anything else
  13. Ok, Here's the Budget Challenge. Using Tashi's Structure, what would be your reccomendations for a new bag collector, with no bag costing over $300?
    The Catch All Tote:
    The Every Day Favorite:
    The Instant Dresser-Upper:
    The Office Bag:
    The Slouchy Bag:
    I may be naive, but I am thinking if i can build a wardrobe of 5 classic bags that will meet my needs, i'l be able to stop this obsession! Thank you for your suggestions, please!
  14. This. The MAB carries so much of my crap, I use it as an everyday bag, but also as my work bag.
  15. For your challenge, here are my thoughts:

    Catch-all tote: there is a great tote on J crew right now. Love it.

    Everyday favorite: Michael Kors Grayson Large Satchel. You will have to find one on sale or on eBay to get under $300, but it will be worth it.

    Instant dresser-upper: I have had great luck with inexpensive clutches at Banana Republic.

    The Office Bag: Back to J Crew. brompton Hobo. I love the Burgindy.

    Slouchy Bag: I would go with any hobo from Marc by Marc Jacobs that you can find on eBay under your limit. Or Tano Boogie Bucket, which was just discontinued, but there are still some around.

    Fun question!