BUHU, a bit sad.

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  1. Some of you know my lust for the black ankle boots, and after much should I or should I not (see the fun thread) I finally order them before the weekend.
    I got the confirmation mail from Mulberry, and was eagerly awaiting the UPS mail.
    Instead I have just got a mail from Mulberry, telling me that they have had a problem with their stock levels, and there are no size 5 ankle boots left.

    I don’t blame Mulberry, but myself, this has thought me a lesson:
    ORDER STRAIGHT AWAY, think (and possible regret) later :crybaby:
  2. Oh that's such a sham Lillan - can you not get them anywhere else?
  3. oh dear, sorry to hear that..
  4. Oh no what a shame . Why don't you ring the stores direct ?
  5. Don't think so Ali, in the mail from Mulberry, they said that they have been trying to locate them in their other stores, but with no success.
  6. Oh so sorry to hear that - a lesson to us all.
  7. Somethings are not meant to be * hug *
  8. Yes, those are the one bagcrazy, but 38,5 will be too big + I have said that I will never, ever shop at ebay again :nogood:
  9. Yes, eBay can be a crime. If I want a pair of shoes real bad, and they are a bit big, I put an extra little sole inside ( do not know if that is the right word). Always does the trick.