buh bye

  1. going to sign off for about a week now - having some construction done to our apt. and we'll be in a hotel. :cutesy:
  2. I am so glad I got this post before I walk out the door.

    Thanks so, so much for your great advice today! Your responses were great and I know they are going to help me Friday! I look forward to 'seeing' you when you get back!
  3. See you when you get back, I'll still be here!!!
  4. See you soon HH! Looking forward to your return!
  5. Will miss you:heart:
  6. Please come back soon!!! We're going to miss you.:crybaby:
  7. We'll miss you, takecare sweetie!
  8. You will be missed! I hope the works go well!
  9. Hope the construction at your home goes well. We will miss you!!! Take care!!!
  10. Ahhh, construction! Been there!
    We'll miss you and I hope everything comes out beautifully!
  11. All the best HiHeels! We'll miss you!
  12. *wave* take care..we'll miss you! :heart: :heart: have lots of fun while you are away!!!
  13. aww, HH, will miss you. See you in about a week:flowers:
  14. ((hugs)) catch you soon! :flowers:
  15. take care and come back soon!