Buffy The Vampire Slayer

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  1. Just wondering if there are any other Buffy fans out there??

    I absolutely LOVE the show and have all 7 seasons on dvd!! :P
  2. Me Too! Me Too!!! :roflmfao:

    I was so hooked on that show and totally hated when it got cancelled. I have one season on DVD but never have time to watch it and need to get the other seasons too.
  3. I LOVE Buffy! I thought the very end was dumb though. =(
  4. i love Buffy! In my opinion the earlier seasons were by far better than the latter though, especially with studmuffin Angel :love:.
  5. I was a massive Buffy fan. I really missed it when it finished. My DH and I went as Buffy and a vampire one year for Halloween (I was Buffy, in case you're wondering :lol: ). I also really liked the Angel spin-off series.
  6. Also a fan ! I have all 7 boxsets, it upset me so much when they made a giant DVD collection with all of them and it cost so much less !

    My favourite episode has to be Once More With Feeling !
  7. I used to watch it religiously at the beginning of the show but somehow I lost touch with it mid-way through season 3 but I intend on buying the boxset and i'll dedicate one day to watching it all.Hopefully I'll accomplish that later this summer. :flowers:
  8. Love LOVE Buffy! Watched the musical over and over again!
  9. Yay!! More Buffy fans!!!

    My favorite seasons are the ones with her and Angel (I love those two together!!)....I think I've watched every single episode of every season at least 3 times by now!!

  10. Part of my morning routine is to get dressed for work while watching the re-runs on FX. I also like that Angel is on at 5:00am, so I can watch Angel and Buffy in the mornings before work. I like to linger and take my time in the mornings...
  11. I too am a fan!!! None of my friends were and think I'm nuts. But I love it!!! The earlier seasons were definitely the best, I think up to 3.. I really like the one where they were all silent. Very creative! I never really got into the Angel spinoff..
  12. I loved Buffy I stopped watching the last 2 season though...wish I kept watching it. It was a great show!
  13. LOVE Buffy!
  14. So for all of you Buffy lovers....

    What is your absolute favorite moment on the show?

    Which couple was your favorite?

    Which character is your favorite?
  15. Buffy is one of my all time favorites! I liked all the seasons up until they brought DAWN in. That just confused and ruined it all for me!