Buffalo Gals! Got Shovel?

  1. I hear you poor folks in Buffalo got snow last night. I know from friends that lived there that snow and early snow isn't that odd, but OCTOBER 13?? I hear that's a record, too.

    Anyone here from that area? Wanna borrow my snow shovel? I don't get much use out of it in North Carolina. :beach:
  2. i know, I read somehwere - 2 inches or was it 2 feet? YUCK! Arlington Heights, IL reported 1.5 inches yesterday too. yuck....
  3. it snowed briefly here a couple days ago... but melted away. it is getting cold, though. we just had nice 70 degree weather a week ago!
  4. I have a friend in NY in the Buffalo area. I will email her to see how bad it was. I saw on the news they were 2 feet deep in snow!
  5. Note to self - Never move to Buffalo. I have a hard enough time dealing with the winter in Boston ;)
  6. We got some snow swirling around last eve here in TO. But nothing stayed. I am currently freezing my A$$ off - so turned on all the fireplaces in my house b/c the furnace hasn't been cleaned/opened yet. YIKES!

    Yeah, Buffalo got dumped.
  7. ^ I was living in Central NY last winter (not nearly as bad as Buffalo), but I don't miss it one bit! It was my first time experiencing -30 degrees plus wind chill. I will be happy to never feel that ever again.

    Sending warm thoughts and hot cocoa to our Buffalo, NY friends!!
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