Buffalo Exchange - anyone ever used for consignment or purchase?

  1. I'm thinking about taking some of my bags/clothing to the one here in Dallas and am wondering if anyone has ever used them at all?? They have stores across the U.S. Anyone?
  2. My sister in law goes to one near Seal Beach CA and she has picked up some really designer cute stuff. I know they may not give you what you want but it is better than goodwill or garage sale.
  3. There's one in San Diego. I've bought some stuff there before, but it's kinda expensive seeing how everything is used. I was gonna sell some stuff there before but didn't. I had a friend who did and they didn't give her much at all.
  4. I've sold things to them before and if I recall correctly, they pay you 33% of what they are reselling it for if you want cash and if you want store credit, it's 50%. They are quite picky though - I think the most I've ever made was $35.
  5. I agree, they are really picky...or maybe "selective" is a better word :smile: My advice is to just take the store credit !
  6. Yup, they're really picky. Name brand stuff will get you a lot more (obviously), but stuff that they think is too "low quality" they won't take at all. I've never taken designer stuff there, though.