BUF PUF!!! Let's hear it 80's gals!

  1. Omg! I forgot about this product. I used it back in very early 80's when I was a teen. Now that i'm in my late 30's my skin is starting to be a bit dull and course. I saw a sale on buf-puf - so I decided to give it a whirl. It's like a mini micoderm kit all in itself (and for only 3 bucks!). It got rid of dull skin (better than the course scrubs i've been using) - and gave my skin a great glow!

    Let's hear it for 80's beauty products revival!

    Now if I could only find the original Body on Tap shampoo again, sigh...
  2. OMG, I thought I was the only one who still loved the BUF PUF. Only, I don't use the actual BUF PUF on my face, I use the facial ones that have cleanser in them. I have very sensitive skin and I don't break out with them. The prob is that they are hard to find in the drug store so I order them on-line in bulk. They are great for traveling too and I always use them on my elbows after I'm done using it on my face...

    Bonne Bell Lip Smackers, remember AZIZA? I used to love their purple trio, wet 'n wild, oh and Loreal anything in Sea Fleur! Oh, and blue masacara by Maybelline! Dang, I am dating myself...oh and remember pupa brand makeup kits? I'm on a roll here...I also used to love 'Silkience' for hair...I'm sure I'll post later w/more stuff
  3. I've got yer "Buf Puf" right here! How about Yardley by London Lemon Spray, Sun In, and Dippity Do setting gel?:roflmfao:

    Needless to say after THAT list, Buf Puf has come and gone in my life as well. I seriously had no idea they still made those. I always liked them, but when St. Ives came out with the Apricot Scrub, I've pretty much stuck with that for exfoliating. I never was comfortable using the same Buf Puf day after day. The hygiene of something like that disturbs me (dead skin cells, etc. piling up in the sponge, :yucky: ).
  4. I use the Buf Puf singles everyday and it works great for me. I used to use it in the 80's as well! I buy them at Wal-Mart.
  5. ^^I found mine at the local grocery store. So happy that I did!
  6. LOL!:P
  7. Wow! Totally used those when I was in jr high and high school!
  8. I haven't tried BUF PUF but I still use bonne bell lip smacker to this very day. no joke, and I'm 39. It's the best stuff hands down when I need a quick lip balm fix. Yeah, body on tap shampoo, aziza eye shadow (I'm sure I had a myriad of blue trios). And yes yes yes, blue mascara! Maybelline of course. How about that dial-a-lash from 1 to 10? Or that Cover Girl trio blush for contouring? Yikes.
  9. I really really miss Body on Tap shampoo - it smelled so amazing!
  10. What a nice trip down memory lane! Here's a few more must-haves from late 70s-early 80s;

    Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific shampoo
    Sea Breeze astringent cleanser
    Love's Baby Soft cologne
    Breck shampoo

    anyone remember those lip glosses that came in the little glass roll-on bottle? thay had different flavors and were very sticky!
  11. Ahh yes Sea Breeze. I used it that also when I was a teenager. Always made my face feel tingly. I had a co-worker that still wore Love's Baby Soft cologne. Everytime I smelled it, reminded me of the old'n days.
  12. oh heres one: Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific Shampoo.
    Hair smelled great. but it was as dry as a tumbleweed!

    wait, that might be a 70s product along with Clairols Herbal Essences Shampoo.
  13. I still use Seabreeze!!!
  14. I still use the Lip Smackers too - Dr. Pepper flavor and I'm 45.

    Remember Farrah Fawcett shampoo, coty solid cologne compacts with the earthy scents (tuberose, musk and lilac scents), and Love's Rain cologne?
  15. Dang...where's my mood ring? :lol:

    Yeah, someone mentioned those Kissing Potion roll on lip glosses. If you page through my junior high school year book we all wore 'em and we look like we're drooling. :nuts: