Budget bride's basement bargains

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  1. not sure if I should post here, so feel free to move!!


    A bride and groom are celebrating their special day - without the worry of being thousands of pounds in debt.
    Odette Fenwick, 19, and 21-year-old Chris May spent a grand total of £480 on their wedding day in north Devon.
    Wearing a £52 dress bought on eBay, the radiant bride looked a million dollars and said she felt "like a princess". The groom hired a suit for £90.
    The Ilfracombe couple exchanged vows and rings, which cost £19, at a civil ceremony in Barnstaple.

    Flowers £25
    Reception food £40
    Sparkling wine £13
    Reception gazebos £70
    Three-tier cake £80

    "One of my favourite bargains was the rings. We bought them from a jewellers on the seafront in Ilfracombe," the bride said.
    The other wedding essentials came from the internet, charity shops and bargain rails.
    "The price tag does not matter, it is the meaning of the day which is important," Mr May said.
    "The money is irrelevant, it is just a special day."

    [​IMG] The £19 wedding rings were the bride's favourite bargain

    The wedding reception for the couple and 20 guests was held at an engineering plant in Barnstaple, where the groom works.
    The newlyweds, who have a five-month-old daughter, Bailey, may not be going on honeymoon, but they will have a reminder of their special day from the BBC Money Programme which filmed their budget wedding.
  2. Nice! This should be posted in the Money Talks forum too!