BUCKET owners..........pros and cons please??

  1. Okay so I tried on a damier and a mini lin bucket tonight and I think I really like them and want to get one. I wanted to try on the mono but they didn't have the petite which is what I would want instead of the huge one.

    So for those of you who own a bucket bag, do you like it?? What are the pros and cons of this bag??

    Also can you post modeling pics??

  2. I've a cerises bucket. I found it's too small for me (couldn't help since I like cerises and there's only 1 size for the bucket). I think the normal bucket is too deep for me as well...


    sorry if it's not help.
  3. oh and also can someone post a pic of the inside of the mono petite bucket since they didn't have one to show me?? and what kind of material is the lining made of, is it suede or what??
  4. The petite mono bucket was my first ever LV back in 99. I love that you get two bags for the price of one. I found that it fit everything I needed it to and it was a comfortable wear. I used the little pouch for my make up. I would post a pic of the inside but the vuittonite in my petite bucket is flaking off real bad and it needs to go in for repairs some day when I have money. If it weren't in such bad shape I would use it more often. I used to use it a lot when I travelled.
  5. I don't have a bucket but the only cons i can think of are the big open shape (stuff gets jumbled?) and the shape might be awkward on the body.

    But one of the HUGE pros is the "free" pochette.
  6. i had the petite bucket, but gave it to my sister as it was just toooo small for me. also the outer should strap would not stay on my shoulder, always fell off.
  7. I bought a petit bucket from someone, don't carry it often but when I do, I love it!
  8. I had one but sold it because it was too small for me and I didn't like the open top.
  9. I don't have a bucket and never had one, but I considered getting this bag very seriously and left the store convinced I would get it when the time came for a new bag. I also tried on the bv that day and was deciding between the two. This was a couple of months or so before the price decrease on the batignolles line. Anyway, I changed my mind and went w/ the bv instead and it just go here and I am thrilled w/ my decision. It's a more modern up to date looking bag imho, and there aren't as many fakes of it out there. I see so many fakes of the petit bucket that it's really spoiled it for me. I see fakes of the speedy too of course which is my favorite but they are such a far cry from the real deal those don't get to me the same way.
  10. I love my petite bucket! It is my first monogram bag and I carried it all over Vegas; it was super comfortable.
    Here are some pictures that I have; I'll try to get a photo of the inside tonight when dh is home (not allowed to use camera!). I'm 5'5" and 130 lbs.
    bucket.jpg bucket2.jpg
  11. I've always liked the petit bucket but could never get past the opening.
  12. I have the mono petit bucket and I like it but I do tend to lose alot of make up due to the open top.
  13. I have a Damier Marais and I love it! I find that it's not too small and not too big. I actually ended up selling my BV after I got this bag. Once the bag is on my shoulder, I don't find the open top a problem. Here's a pix below. It's kinda crappy cuz I took it randomly right after receiving the bag just so I could see how it looks.
  14. I have one cerises bucket and don't like it at all. I wish that time I went for a speedy. I still keep it but didn't use it again. I take the little pochette to use but the bucket is still in my closet for a long long time.
  15. Here are a few pics of my petite bucket. (Excuse the crazy, nonmatching pajamas!) I loved it, but sold it a few months back to buy an ellipse. It really is a great bag, the open top never bothered me. I never lost anything b/c all the small stuff was in the mini pouch. I think you should get it!
    pursephotos 020.JPG pursephotos 031.JPG pursephotos 026.JPG