brunettetiger's Family Photo...Enjoy the Eye Candy

  1. Here's my little b family, complete for now:p (yea right going to look at pink today)
    SS07 Black GGH Work, SS07 Anthra GGH Day, FW07 Tomato City, FW07 Black City, FW07 Violet (agneau) First, FW07 Tomato Wallet

    Also took a photo of the extended family - for those of us who have wanderlust for other brands too!
    Speedy 30, Chloe Bronze Tote, Black Prada Shoulderbag, Blanc Paddy, Dolce Satchel (most complemented bag of all), and LV accessories!

    Enjoy the eye candy!:yahoo:
    IMG_0912.JPG IMG_0907.JPG
  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Wow! What a great collection, you have excellent taste! Your tomato City is esp droolworthy.... :heart::heart::heart:
  5. GREAT collection brunettetiger! i :heart::heart: your GGH Anthra Day! She's stunning! Thank you for sharing! :heart:
  6. Beautiful family brunettetiger!!! It reminds me of my family because I own black, tomato and violet bags and a tomato mini-compagnon too! And a LV mono speedy too!
  7. love you suddenly put a ducky in here hhaha
    love your tomato city!!!
  8. you have great taste..excellent colllllection!
  9. I love your collection Girl! Your tomato city just haunts me......

    Which pink are you looking at?
  10. i love every bag in your collection!!
  11. your violet first is beautiful!!
  12. Great collection brunette!!! Love the violet :smile:
  13. Nice collection Brunette... cute duck too! ;)
  14. Eye candy indeed! Love your collection! :love:
  15. I love them all!!! Especially the Antracite Day and Dolce Satchel! :drool: :heart: You have such a great collection!