Browns Fashion current stock

  1. Hi everyone!

    I emailed Browns Fashion asking them about their stock of Bbags and they seem to have a few a the moment. I'm only interested in grenat city so I'm not buying from them but maybe some of you find this interesting:

    Thank you for your email. Unfortunately we are unable to have Balenciaga
    bags on the website. I have made a list of the bags we have in stock.

    1. The Classic First Motorcycle bag £675 - colour Truffle (brown), Red,
    2. The City Bag £735 - colour grey, Truffle (brown), Blue, Camel, Marron,
    3. The Twiggy bag £620 - colour grey, green
    4. The Bowling bag £675 - colour red, grey
    5. The Courier saddle bag £565 - colour Truffle (brown), Blue
    6. The Hook and Line bag £775 - colour red, blue
    7. The Patent bag £540 - colour burgundy
    8. The Work bag £810 - colour camel, green
    10. The quilted bag £990 - colour Marron, Black
    11. The Whistle bag £645 - colour Truffle (brown), Black, Dark Brown
    12. The Whistle long bag £700 - colour black, red

    Sadly, they seem pretty pricey...
  2. Thanks for the update! Yeah this prices are slightly higher than here, but I think it might still be cheaper to order from them if you get the VAT refund. I think they have the quilted bag listed for less than it costs in the US...