Brought the Periwinkle (Blue Glacier) back home.....PIX

  1. :yahoo: I just had to have her.......She is so beautiful, she was in my dreams....:graucho:

    So I just got her.........again....

    I got her about a week ago and then returned her for the Cafe.....but then I just could not forget about her, so I got her back and returned the Cafe....I still like the CAFE but I cannot afford 3 GH for now (white work GH is on the way), especially when I am waiting for a new LV patchwork speedy also......I will probably get CAFE in the fall or something. :crybaby:

    I have included some that I took last week and one I took today in the sunlight .
  2. Can't see the pics?
  3. Opps.....I though my lap top wasn't working, so I posted this again on my desk top computer, but I guess it was working.....

    Sorry.................that I double posted the same thing...

    I wanna erase it but I can't......

    Please forgive me : )
    periwinkle pt 2.JPG periwinkle PT.JPG
  4. haha

    I think she's beautiful. ENJOY!
  5. My bad...forgot to post pix......

    Here they are....
    periwinkle PT.JPG periwinkle pt 2.JPG
  6. Gorgeous!!! It looks fantastic on the PT!! :drool:
  7. That is pretty, good thing you saved it!!!
  8. That color is so pretty, and looks even more divine in the PT. Congratulations!
  9. gorgeous :yes:
  10. Beautiful! If I could "swing" a GH, this is the bag I would buy - lucky you!
  11. congrats!
  12. Gorgeous!!! This will be better for s/s imo. She is stunning! Yeah for you!
  13. Ahhhh, it's beautiful. I like it much more than the cafe color. What a gorgeous bag.
  14. Congrats on your gorgeous bag, enjoy it!:yes:
  15. Beautiful - Congrats & Thanks for posting.