Brothers Killed

  1. Oh my gosh!! This is so sad......

    Brothers Killed After Their Cars Collide
    PAW PAW TOWNSHIP, Mich. (Feb. 20) - Two brothers were killed in a head-on traffic collision with each other.

    Jessie West, 24, and James West, 33, were killed Sunday, not far from their home. James West was driving when he lost control and crossed into the path of his brother's oncoming car, police said.

    "We've never had anything quite like this," Van Buren County sheriff's Sgt. Virg Franks told the Kalamazoo Gazette.

    Police said skid marks left at the scene suggested the crash was accidental. Family and friends told police there were no bad feelings between the brothers.

    Jessie West was wearing a seat belt and was trapped inside his car when police arrived. James West, who was not wearing a seat belt, was thrown from his car. Both were pronounced dead at the scene, The Herald-Palladium of St. Joseph and the South Bend (Ind.) Tribune reported.

    Jessie West worked as a supervisor at Gallagher's Eatery & Pub in Paw Paw and left early Sunday, saying he wasn't feeling well. His brother worked as a truck driver and moved into the home about eight months ago, said Jessie's longtime neighbor, Josh Hunsberger.
  2. awww, omg, thats so tragic and horrible. The odds of that are incredible, sooo depressing.. :crybaby: :heart:
  3. Oh my god, that is so sad, my thoughts go out to the family :sad:

    It is weird how sometimes accidents like that happen. A couple of weeks ago, a young woman was killed in a car accident because a truck drive lost control and drove into oncoming traffic on the other lane. The girl who shared an appartment with her wanted to tell the parents the sad news face to face and got into her car. On her way there, she as well got hit by a truck who had left his lane and died :wtf:

    If something bad happens it all happens at once suddenly .... Really creepy.
  4. What a tragic coincidence. : ( How awful for their families.
  5. How sad, I feel horrible for their family!
  6. Sad.
  7. Wow, such at tragedy.
  8. omg! That is soooo sad! My heart goes out to their family!
  9. Oh no...what a sad story...:sad:
  10. wow, that's really sad! The poor parents.
  11. I read this, too and I think it turned out to be suicide in both cases...

    Really sad.
  12. Something like this tragedy occurred to someone we know, she is an acquaintance of my parents. Anyway it was either the acquaintance's mother or her husband's mother who had just died and they buried the mother. Then one day (within 40 days of the death) the woman's husband and daughter went to visit the deceased's grave. On the way back they were involved in a car accident and the husband died. The daughter survived. Where I come from (and I don't mean Texas!) there is a superstition that when a person dies they want companionship because they feel lonely.

    It's all very sad for the surviving family members and friends.
  13. :shocked: that is horrible! sad for the family - my prayers and thoughts are with them :crybaby: :heart:
  14. Tragic.:crybaby:
  15. My prayers go to the gosh to loose two sons like this is sooo sad. Scary...