brother & sister in laws anyone?

  1. nvm.. i decided he annoys me.
  2. I'm a little lost...what is "nvm"?
  4. nvm = never mind i think ? :shrugs:
  5. hahaha I posted this loooooong post, but to shorten it, i figured out my brother in law just annoys me.

    Nvm -- nevermind.

    hahaha I just wanted to know if people had brother or sisters in laws that they "dislike"
  6. Pardon the silly question (I get all confused over the family names thing)... but if you have a brother in law, doesn't that mean you're married?? Or is it your older sibling that is married? :shrugs: Sorry I'm stupid, I can't believe I'm so ignorant about this :crybaby:
  7. Haha its ok, brother or sister in law, is just basically your siblings husband or wife.

  8. Oh yeah ,my BIL's wife:hysteric: Ooops does this count? Anyway she can't stop complaining about almost EVERYTHING.:sad:
  9. That counts! hahaha now im thinking I shouldve left my original post up!

    Ugh some inlaws are UGHHHHHH.

    i found out my grandma was the reason my mom and dad divorced.
  10. one of my brother-in-laws (husband's brother) lives with us....drives me insane about 70% of the time.
    His sister (my SIL) I CANNOT stand (the caps aren't big enough to express my extreme distate for her)...she is a bum...always borrowing money from us, taking forever to pay back. Brings her family drama to my nice quiet stress-free house...GO AWAY!!!
    The other siblings are alright...probably because they live on the other side of the country and we never see/talk to them.
  11. A brother in law could be the husband of your sister-or, it could be the brother of your spouse. Both of those people qualify for the title.

    or, in my case-i call my husband's sister's husband my BIL too
  12. I have a sil that no one likes in the family (she will soon be an ex, going through the divorce with my brother). She is a very negative person about everything:hysteric: Never a nice thing to say about anything:rant: Anyway, all the girls in my family (including my mom) has at least 2-5 pairs of designer sunglasses, mostly chanels. Anyway, the ex sil was bragging to a favorite sil about her new job, and how much money she will be making and so on. The fav sil suggests that maybe she should reward herself with a chanel sunnies. Her response "what for, don't care for the stuff":yucky: . Anyways, 2 months later, guess who's sporting a new crystal chanel sunnies:wtf: (just like mine, :Push: ) So, the fav sil comments to her, "I thought you didn't care for the stuff? Ex sil just turned:shame: and walked away. So, my brother mentions to me that his soon to be ex is on a spending spree because she will undoubtedly get big bucks after the divorce. I feel bad for my brother. He has to sell the house and he's just :rant: :crybaby: about it.
  13. omg my sil makes me crazy as she has like no personality and my husband thinks shes like fing amazing
  14. i love and adore my inlaws.
    i love my bil ans sil for thei special and unique ways. this love has had to overcome alot of obstacles though.
  15. I have two sisters-in-law, both are wonderful. One of them and I are so close that we dropped the "in-law" a while back.