Bronze reissue pics...

  1. I recieved the bronze reissue today. It is absolelutely gorgeous!
    Then about an hour after recieving it my NM rep called to say that she found the bronze PNY flap bag that I've been searching everywhere for. It's supposedly the last bronze left in the company! Anyway, it's now on the way, so the beautiful reissue most go back.:sad: They are way to similar. I'm posting the pic for size, if anyone needs a visual. It is a 227 and I'm small boned, but 5'9". I'll probably end up getting this same bag in another color, maybe bordeaux!
  2. Oh my gosh, how are you going to let go of that?
    It's breathtaking!

    Can you add the photo and style # & price to the Reference LIbrary?
  3. I will add it now. It will be really hard, I can't even bring myself to pack it back up yet! I think I need a few days to admire her first.
  4. Ooh! That bronze is to die for. I love the bronze in the Reissue! It looks fab on you.
  5. So beautiful. Couldn't you hold on to it until the bronze PNY arrives and then decide which to keep?
  6. that is absolutely my dream bag of all time!! the bronze is TDF!!
  7. Will the PNY flap be the same color bronze as the reissue? Chanel's color names are so confusing.
  8. Yeah, I decided to wait to make sure. As you know, I know what the pny looks like in person, and I loved the large size just not with the white. So since I haven't seen it in person in bronze, I'm going to wait to make sure.
  9. Good plan. The bronze on the reissue and the PNY are the same color. I love both bags, I think you are gonna have a hard time making a decision. You might have to do "eenie meenie".:graucho:
  10. I'd keep both! They're both TDF. I couldn't let either go.
  11. I would also try to keep both. What a hard decision to make - yikes. Both will be TDF.
  12. I just love that color in the reissue. Looks absolutely gorgeous!
  13. that's a stunning bag!!!!!!.love::love:
    but i bet the bronze classic flap is gorgeous too!
  14. Oh wow!! I love that bag. I have the white and I am trying so hard not to get another one in a different color...but after seeing that on you, it is even harder!!
  15. :love: That is one incredibly beautiful bag!!! What a difficult decision you are faced with! I would want to keep both...