Broken Turnlocks on Legacy Line

  1. Did anyone ever definitely find out if Coach will replace the turnlocks if they break? Has anyone ever sent one in for this problem? Thanks.
  2. I don't know, someone posted that they would send a new turnlock but I didn't hear any follow up. I am a little concerned about these turnlocks on my shoulder bag, I am trying not to use them very often. I have seen a few on eBay and one at the outlets with a broken turnlock. Now if the outlet isn't repairing them, it makes me wonder if they are carrying replacements for them.
  3. I have seen a bunch on eBay with broken turnlocks. I also saw a thread where someone sent one in and they wouldn't fix it, which makes me wary about buying one. One of the threads about turnlocks said the ones that sent you were for the older styles and weren't sure if they had the new turnlocks available to send. You could call Coach and ask about that, though.
  4. Yeah it will be too late by then. There is one available with a broken turnlock... don't want to bid unless I know. Thanks. (I was the one who posted about the old ones)

  5. the turnlock on my legacy wristlet broke, coach replaced it no questions asked. but i'd only had it for a week. not sure if they would handle it differently if the bag was purchased some time ago. but the sa was aghast that the turnlock was broken.
  6. I've been babying all my turnlocks because after hearing about all the problems with them, I'm paranoid.
  7. This would work except some of the turnlock Legacy colors (whiskey, pink) are completely sold out, so they couldn't be replaced if Coach can't repair them.
  8. I am being really careful with mine, I don't use it too often since it is just for the front pocket. Not sure I want to buy a wristlet now.
  9. I dunno..mine was replaced..but my bag is sold out now.
  10. good point. the way mine broke, if you look at the underside of the brass oval flap, there are two little screws. they both fell out so the brass oval thing fell off. it seemed to me like it would be easy enough to repair, but i don't know, maybe it's not as it seems.
  11. I would imagine Coach could repair the turnlocks, but I'm not positive since it seems like everyone who had that problem so far has just gotten a replacement. I don't know if that's due to the fact that Coach can't repair it, or just that if a bag is relatively new, they'll replace rather than repair to possibly save time and/or money somehow? Perhaps an SA would know more in that vein.

    I know a lot of us bought bags that were sold "as is" at the outlets. Those cannot be sent in for repair, and I have a feeling they did that b/c they anticipated having to repair/replace too many turnlocks.

    I do have a vague recollection of someone here buying a bag from the outlet with a broken turnlock and they knew someone who could fix it, so even if Coach can't, you can probably get them repaired somewhere.

    For those who are hesitant to buying the legacy line now due to this issue - I'm pretty sure it was discussed that that defect only affected the first batch of bags, so anything after the "first wave" of legacy items should be ok.

    Ok, that was a really long post to just speculate about most things. Sorry everyone, I really am trying to be helpful :smile:
  12. There was a whiskey ali on eBay last night I was watching. It went for $195 or so... I was tempted to bid but didn't because I didn't know if Coach is fixing them. I did an ASQ but didn't get a response from her on whether she asked Coach if it could be repaired.
  13. They took my bag back - no repair! (my choice of full replacement value on another bag or refund)

    It was a whiskey shoulder.
  14. I would be super upset if they took my Whiskey Shoulder Bag back and couldn't repair it! The whiskey color is so hard to get now. Hopefully, the one I have is from the 'new' batch where the issue has been fixed. So far, I haven't had any problems, however, I don't use the front pockets much.
  15. Yeah, hopefully the ones I have aren't from the first batch. I didn't get my Ali until December 31st, and they came out a little while before you think it will be okay? I just got my whiskey french purse to match a couple weeks ago too.