Broken Bianca

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  1. Hi!
    I bought a large bianca years ago from a little boutique on the east coast and just started using it recently. Anyhow to my dismay I noticed this morning the little clasp that you turn is missing. Its weird because part of the clasp is still there but the part that actually turns is gone! Has this happened to anyone else and if so how did you fix it? I searched the botkier forum on tpf and found a customer service email and sent them an email. Is there anything else I can do? Its not the end of the world but more of an annoyance since the bag was expensive and I have barely used it.
  2. I had to have the turnlock replaced on my large Biance about a year or so ago. I just emailed customer service, shipped my bag to them and for about $25 it was repaired and returned to me promptly. Jinnie (CS rep) is great to work with and she'll definitely return your call or email.
  3. Hi Tonij2000
    Thanks for the info. I appreciate it. Glad to know its not too expensive either.
  4. I've had the handles on my Bianca replaced and I was satisfied with the job they did.
  5. Oh dear, so sorry to hear about this, saribeee. Yup, like toni mentioned, Botkier should be able to repair it for a relatively low fee. I recall seeing steph b (the Botkier rep) post somewhere around here that the repair fee is now $35, though. That's still pretty low and shouldn't be a problem, I hope!

    Since you've barely used it, though, perhaps you could mention that to them as well, and see what they say about it? Good luck with the repair!