Broke my Spending Ban

  1. So... last week, after buying my LV Epi Speedy 25, my bank account was crying. I decided to put myself on at least a month long spending ban. Yes, that's right, a spending ban, NOT a purse ban. I have been buying clothes, shoes, purses, etc. like crazy lately (i.e. since joining this forum...), so I needed a break.
    What do you think I did today, a little more than a week after my spending ban began????
    I bought not one, but TWO new pairs of shoes. Granted, they were inexpensive, small name brands, on clearance at Macy's. But I didn't need them (I have tons of shoes) and I have almost no more room in my closet for more shoes. :cursing:
    What's wrong with me??? Ahhhh!!! Anyone else broken a ban lately? Make me feel better!
  2. I've broken many bans. Just pick yourself back up and get back on your ban!
  3. ^ Second that, that is the story of my life- but just start over, its ok to fall off track a bit sometimes
  4. Thanks for the encouragement! I didn't spend that much money, so it isn't a big deal, but I was disappointed in myself for giving in and buying more stuff I don't need!
  5. go return them!! be strong!
  6. LOL they were clearance... final sale!!! bahhh... oh well. I guess I will just increase the length of time for my ban...
  7. omigosh rinstar!!!! same thing happened to me today!'t resist shoes. i am trying very hard to save money and today found myself around haight street b/c a friend of mine works there and i was meeting him for lunch...i got there a bit before so i shopped.

    i was thisssssssss close to buying a beautiful tee at RUBY<- great store, must see. but there wasn't my size and it's a handmade thing?

    but i found a pair of shoes at ambiance that i must have. it was only 39$ too. :smile: beautifullllllllllll.

    do you have any pics of these shoes? i'm curious to see what made you break your ban, hehe.
  8. I've been holding strong at about 6 weeks of no bags or anything's killing me slowly.
  9. I've been good. I haven't gone shopping for one whole month!! Insane......
  10. Same thing here! January is not a good time for shopping bans considering how all the stores are having clearance sales. The day after I decided to stop shopping, I bought Urban Outfitters clearance items online. A few days after, I bought 7 PAIRS OF SHOES! I've concluded that shopping bans suck. Shopping, like dieting, cannot be cut out cold turkey. You can still shop, but in moderation. (Also probably a good idea to use cash.)
  11. Yes:yes: I can´t seem to be on a ban more than for a week or so.
  12. I can totally relate rinstar! I'm trying to save up for my next bag purchase but can't seem to stop spending!!! :crybaby:Sales everywhere! How's a girl suppose to resist! Definitely spent more than I can afford. :noggin:
  13. LOL exactly... this ban was supposed to help me save up for my next bag... I just have to remind myself that the more random stuff I buy, the longer it will take to get my bag.
    Ms-Whitney, I don't have pics yet... I am having some weird problem getting pictures onto my computer from my camera (thats why no pics of Toledo Speedy yet lol). I'll figure it out someday. One pair is so hot though, nude peep-toes with black lace overlay and a little black bow... sooo cute (and they were only $25 and the last pair of any size!!). Hopefully I'll figure out my camera issues and post pics of the ban-breakers!
  14. Granted, they were inexpensive, small name brands, on clearance at Macy's

    I think you made a great rationalization. It's one misstep, but you can still get back in the saddle and continue on with your spending ban!
  15. i have broken my spending ban like 5 times already this past month so don't feel so bad. :shame: