Broad face -- what's the best hairstyle for me?

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  1. Hi there!

    As I get up there in years (33 this year), I'm finding that my face is, uh, spreading. I've always had an oval-shaped face, but lately in pictures it appears wider and larger...both left to right and top to bottom. Plus, I'm Asian so I have a slightly wider bone structure to begin with. Currently, I have thin, fine, below-shoulder length hair...all one length. What can I do to minimize the size of my face?

    Bangs? I've tried side-swept bangs but by end of day, they get kinda greasy-looking. Shorter, above-shoulder length hair? Makes me look matronly. Layers? OK but I don't want to look like Tiffani Thiessen from her SVTB days. HELP! What are my options?

    Kristy :heart:
  2. maybe start a skin firming regimen?
  3. I think a longer picture framing cut may work on your face to length it.
  4. Definitely layers! I recently cut my own layers and people keep asking if I lost weight because it makes my face look thinner.

    They should be longer, face-framing layers, as hair that is layered and too short will likely make your face look even rounder.

    I also definitely recommended long sweeping bangs as they also help offset a round/wide face. My bangs are pretty short right now, but I think long bangs are great. :biggrin:
  5. Aarti and Missisa -- thanks ladies! :smile: I do like layers (great for my thin hair) but they annoy me when I put my hair up in a pony....which I do frequently. Sigh.

    Do you think that straight-across bangs would make my face appear smaller or larger? I have a high forehead and was thinking it'd be nice to camoflage it.