Brittany at the Happy Feet Premiere

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  1. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]:love: :love:
  2. Okay she looks great but maybe it's just me but it seems "over the top" somehow to a children's movie premiere!?!
  3. i think sh'e cute, but kinda annoyed with her pouty mouth and her "trying to look like a child" eye in her movies.
  4. I agree... she seems a little over the top maybe. But I love the dress- it is not completely flattering up top, but it suits her well.
  5. I like Britney, hate the frock
  6. she looks adorable
  7. She looks pretty, healthy:yes: although I agree she's over the top, not just here, but her pout, her gushiness, etc. . .
    Her shoes don't do anything for her feet though :sad: Looks like they're stuffed in a bit.
  8. She looks good and I also agree that she is a bit over the top but this is her time to shine, she's going all out! Enough with the dramtic poses though!
  9. I think she looks gorgeous!
  10. she looks alright.:shrugs:
  11. I just love her.
  12. ITA