Britt Tote-Cruise Collection

  1. I've seen that some of you have this tote. I think I would love it, but I wonder if someone who has it would post a picture of them with it on their shoulder. I've been searching for the perfect bag for me. I think this is it, but I like a larger tote. I've set a deadline for myself to order by the end of today. Please help!!

  2. I promise Ill post a pic tomorrow..Im in bed with my laptop now..LOL
  3. Thanks, Jill. I look forward to seeing it!
  4. OH crud..I forgot to post you a pic..SORRY! I will get one up today for you!(Im old and senile!LOL!)
  5. Oooo...modelling pics Jill! I LOVE your britt tote...and I'm not even a tote person...LOL!!
  6. Love that!
  7. Lovely!! come on Jill...we need more pics!!!
  8. Thank you so much for posting. I ordered it 2 days ago!!! I'm stalking all doors and windows in my house waiting for the UPS man!
  9. gingerfarm--- oh its so pretty on you

    kcrs95-- pls post pics when you get yours
  10. Oh congrats!!!!!!!! :yahoo:

    Post pics when you get it!
  11. YAY!!! congrats! I guarantee you'll love it! cute and sooo functional! :yahoo:

  12. congrats! i love this bag!
  13. gingerfarm--love your bag!

    kcrs95--post pics when you get it and congrats!