Britt guccissima medium bostom vs medium duffle

  1. which of these is a "better size"? Something around the size of the LV speedy 30 is a good size for me...are these around the same size, or are they a lot bigger/smaller?

    thanks for all your expert help :tup:
  2. I like the guccissima medium bostom.
  3. Boston? This one?
    spy 002 (Large).jpg

  4. yup!
  5. hey and i have those pink sweats they're my favorite! :yahoo:
  6. They're comfy! The medium boston I have ^^ is smaller than the speedy 30, but they do make it in large (which I thought was too big for me). I had a speedy 25 a while ago but sold it because it was too small, never got the 30 so I can't compare. Are you looking for something like the 30?
  7. I have this bag and it fits a good amount of stuff, a little less room than the speedy 30 but you can carry the boston over your shoulder if you extend the thing about this color though - it gets scuffed & dirty easily so you may have to be careful...the speedy you can go through more wear & tear...
  8. LOVE this purse!!
  9. just realized i made a stupid typo in the title :X but thanks for all your responses!