Britney's Son Hurt By Photographer In Vegas

  1. Can things get any worse on Planet Britney?

    Firstly it emerged that she had a worrying meltdown during an interview with an American magazine before storming out with £10,000 worth of clothes.

    Now the pop princess is embroiled in more hassle after one of her sons was hurt during a nasty brawl between her bodyguard and a photographer.

    Britney, 25, had been at the popular Wynn Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas for a little under 24 hours with her two kids when a scuffle broke out.

    Police said the star's bodyguard Julio Camera hit a paparazzo who was trying get pictures of the singer as she made her way though the hotel.

    Pictures of the incident show the bodyguard jumping on the photographer, who is lying on the floor with his hands protecting his head, while hotel security staff try to pull Camera away.

    In response Britney filed a crime report on behalf of one of her sons saying another snapper, Kyle Henderson, had battered her son and her bodyguard in an earlier clash.

    Police did not immediately file charges against the photographer but Britney's bodyguard was cited for misdemeanor battery.

    Troubled Britney flew to Vegas in a private jet on Wednesday afternoon with her brother Bryan and sons Sean Preston, 22 months, and Jayden James, 10 months.

    It is not clear which of the boys was caught up and hit in the fight.

    Las Vegas cops said that they were alerted to a disturbance at the Wynn Hotel and Casino just before midday.

    Meanwhile, the Britney reportedly took her children to Las Vegas without her ex husband Kevin Federline's permission, which is required under their custody arrangement.

    One source told American magazine Us: "K-Fed is demanding that she get back to Los Angeles because she isn't allowed to have the kids out of state."

    Another Federline source says, "Britney did not have written permission to take the kids out of state. She needs written permission and she never got it or alerted people she was leaving. I'm sure Kevin's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, is mulling over how to handle this."

    Britney's week began terribly when it was revealed that she had behaved in an "erratic" way during an interview with a magazine in the States.

    She was said to have been babbling in baby talk and appeared disorientated.

    As well as snatching the clothes, she was also reported to have let her puppy do it's business on a £3,450 dress.
  2. wow, i just hope that the kids are all right since their mother is a little off track nowadays. Britney, get well soon.
  3. No sh*t. Is something going to have to happen to one of her babies before she gets a clue?
  4. According to entertaiment tonight none of her children were phyically injured.Brit should have never had these children in the first place.
    At the rate she is going I fear for those childrens lives :sad: .
  5. Only a matter of time now, Kevin will get the kids...
  6. Yea...apparently she wasn't suppoed to even take them out of state (pretty normal order in all California custody disputes/settlements, etc.) without prior written permission of the other party.