Britney & it true?

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  1. I'm such a matter how annoying they can be sometimes, I still like reading about them and seeing what's up. The latest mags say that they're having problems you guys believe it? They say that after she had the baby, she packed up her things and went to stay with her mom for a week because Kevin parties too much. Okay....if she's only now figuring him out, I really feel sorry for her. hahaa.
  2. Yeah she was probably going through postpartum or somehting
  3. That would suck if it were true, especially with a child being involved.
  4. LOL K.Fed...I don't think I have the time to type about how he sux.

    By the way Bellarini I like your hair!
  5. Aaawww.....thanks!!!! =) You're too sweet! :idea: