Bring LV Speedy 25 to Jury Duty?

  1. I have Jury Duty :sad: And I AM thinking of what bag I would like to bring. Would bringing my LV Speedy 25 be weird or too much to bring into a courthouse? Or should I bring another bag I have which is just plain black and no logo?

    Does anyone really even care; I've never gone. Sometimes I feel like it's a "MUCH nicer" bag because well, for one thing, I've only just gotten it a few months ago and it's by far my nicest/highest price bag.
  2. I think a mono speedy 25 would be too much for that but an Epi or none logo'd lv would be nice.
  3. i would say a simple bag! you don't wanna be too showy!!
  4. i would say something that holds enough of the things to keep you busy all day (i.e., books, magazines, knitting needles and yarn, puzzle books, etc) -whether it's the speedy 25 or not;)
  5. I would just bring a small pouch type bag ie: Tikal that you can set on your lap. When I was summoned to Jury Duty we had to put our bags on the floor next to our seats for me thats a major no no. It would be uncomfortable to have a speedy sitting on your lap unless putting them on the floor is not an issue with you. I wonder if some of the new courthouses have lockers?
  6. I don't think at all it would be too flashy - even lawyers use speedies! And if someone doesn't like it and objects - good for you, you'll get released and can go home :biggrin: !
  7. I'd leave it at home. Sometimes those places are very dusty/muddy and there really is no place to put your purse except your lap.
    Take an old tote or something instead.
  8. :roflmfao:
    bring something that can hold activities :smile:
  9. Whatever you bring, please make sure it will hold things for you to do...jury duty is really boring and you will have to keep yourself me. Bring magazines, books..ipod.
  10. I'd bring a tote bag or something big because you probably will end up bringing a lot of stuffs to keep yourself busy.
  11. Hahah, I'd be so cool bringing some flashy LV to court. =P That and a lot of Leoppard clothing and gold pumps. ;)

    But seriously, I don't think a small LV would do any harm at all. Do it!
  12. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: but if you are concern about it since it's only few months old, I'd suggest something you are OK w/if you are ask to put them on the floor. gosh, bring reading material, or puzzle,the process is sooo long~:hysteric:
  13. And we all know how clean floors are... :yucky:
  14. I agree with everyone else....bring stuff to keep you busy. I would probably just bring another bag so I wouldn't have to worry about it. As for being too showy....who gives a crap what anyone thinks of you. So you have a nice bag, who cares? That's no one else's business.
  15. I took my speedy 30 because that's what I was carrying at the time. I didn't really think about it because the Court House in my city is the best :p . BTW, my speedy fit in my seat nicely on the side of me...squished...but it wasn't on the floor!