Bridal Shoes

  1. good morning ladies!

    i am getting married in NYC in July and I am now looking for a pair of lovely shoes. i dont like the traditional bridal shoes, instead, i want a pair that i can wear on fancy nights out as well! anyone have any suggestions? ideally, i would like a DESIGNER pair, color SILVER, OPEN TOE, and 4 in heels..haha..

    thanks ladies!


    oh, and btw, is the sale is going on at Saks and Nordstrom this week?
  2. OMG i don t know if they still do this, but louboutin used to have wedding shoes, comes in lots of colors including silver, with blue soles instead of red was sooo classy....u should call them up....

    74th and Madison Ave.


    59 Horatio St. (btw. hudson and greenwich)


    good luck! i hope you find something beautiful for your big day!

  3. Judith Leiber has very pretty dressy sandles. There is a big sale too on the website.
    Originally $425 - on sale for $99 (three-inch heel)

    originally $675 - on sale for $99 (four-inch heel)

    originally $445 - on sale for $99 (four-inch heel)
  4. definitely the manolo sedaraby!
    i've been dreaming of those myself...
  5. I love your plan - your wedding day is surely the best time ever to get a pair of gorgeous designer shoes... And silver shoes will be sooo beautiful, the sedarbys are tdf. Luckily, there are a lot of silver shoes around right now. You can't go wrong with manolos or choos, but I would strongly recommend trying them on in person before ordering, sizes vary a bit. Good luck and let us know what you find!
  6. love the manolos toiletduck posted!!!
    how about these manolos?!

    Dolce & Gabbana

    Manolos again
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  8. Manolos
  9. The Bergdorf's presale has started -- get over there, they're sure to have just the thing!!
  10. I'm getting married this year as well, and have been on a search for shoes high and low. I looked at all the stores in NYC: Jimmy Choo, Barneys, Bergdorf, Saks and Jeffrey. If you like the non-traditional evening style of shoes, I'd suggest Rene Caovilla. He makes the most amazing shoes. They have a great selection of them at Bergdorf.

    In addition, I've included some links for bridal designer shoe shopping online:

    BTW, also sells Rene Caovilla shoes.

  11. I LOVE Rene Caovilla's shoes!! they are divine..hehe...thanks for the great links.. is this link also Rene's shoe? :

    it didnt say on the website..but i like how it looks. simple and elegant. thanks so much!
  12. thanks girls. i loved everyone's going to look at the brands you all suggested and i will post pics when i decide!

    thanks again! :rolleyes: