Bree Walker says trout lips are due to aging..

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  1. Here is a photo of newswoman Bree Walker. In an interview a few nights ago (I forget who was interviewing her) she was asked if she had "gone under the knife". Her reply: "I know a lot of people say it looks like my lips are bigger. Actually, I have not done anything to my lips, they just look bigger because my face is getting smaller". Huh? Here is a small picture, I don't have the talent Prada's Meadow does..What do you think?
  2. Holy mother of Trout Mouth, her lips look like they are ready to explode!

    She's a liar!
  3. I saw that interview and was embarrassed for her :sad:
    They showed some photos of her younger with lips that did not even closely resemble the fish lips she has now.
    Wonder why she thinks we would fall for the - my face is smaller routine?
  4. lol I wasn't aware that faces shrink with age.
  5. I saw this interview! I was LMAO!!!:lol:
    She's a little artificial looking, her lips WERE very full before, now they're fuller. Our lips DO NOT grow as we get older, they thin a bit from what I understand.
    She had some work done;)
  6. Those lips look like the have been stuffed with a couple of pillows.

    ( No matter how small the pic is LOL )
  7. her face is getting smaller? thats a new one. if anyone ever says I'm getting a fat ass I'll just say, the rest of my body is just shrinking.
  8. Does she think people will believe that crap ???????????:yucky:
  9. OMG she should get a brain transplant when she gets her lips done again. Face getting smaller....ha ha ha ha

    I wish my boobs would get bigger with age.
  10. I think I only saw lips in that pic!
  11. She used to be sooo beautiful before the plastic surgery she got addicted to. Now, she looks creepy to me. Poor woman!
  12. That was hilarious :smile:
  13. Exactly what I was going to say. She used to be very attractive--she no longer resembles the woman she used to be. Why don't women quit messing with their lips to make them huge??
  14. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: I never want to get old if thats what happens to my lips.
  15. She's right. As she aged, she didn't like the changes she saw in her lips. So due to aging, she went and got herself some fish lips. ;)