Braxtons Family Values - WE TV

  1. Premiering Tuesday April 12 at 9pm

  2. I was actually planning to watch this but IDK...
  3. I didn't realize one of the sisters, I think Tamar, is married to Lady GaGa's manager... If he can help GaGa, surely, he could help Toni resurrect her career..

    Looks like they all agreed on getting the same nosejobs..
  4. ^^WW talked about her being married to a very wealthy man in the music industry I didn't know it was him.
  5. oh, please google: tamar braxton and look for her in the binki/pant suit... brace yourselves..

  6. Just NO!!!
  7. ^ her preacher father must be so proud...
  8. Wtf!!
  9. Which sister appeared on I think Tiny & Toya with the horrid weaves and makeup? I think it was her!

  10. WAIT!!! Is this her husband
  11. ^^If it is we know MONEY TALKS!
  12. Oh HELL NO WTF is that in the bikini/pants

  13. It must be him. I googled her and wiki says she is married to Vincent Herbert and then i found this when I goggled him

    I remember on Grammy night, I said "Who is the idiot with the quilt/bead spread jacket".

    Oh wait, yeah that is her next to him looking down at something.
  14. :lolots:

    he probably sees her as a trophy wife, and given that she has an in your face attitude (from what I hear) i'm sure she's running things.
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