Branching OUT and need a lil' help!!!

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  1. As you can easily tell by my name I spend the majority of my time in the Coach sub-forum. They've made me MAD for the last time, and I've started to branch out and am buying other designer purses (because I can't just stop buying purses!) LOL

    I recently purchased my 1st Botkier bag (Clyde Trigger) and have my eye on my 1st ever RM. I just need a little help with all the lingo you gal's use, and some idea of sizes.

    I'm looking at a bag that's listed as RM FIG MAM GM. Hmmm.... I assume this means Rebecca Minkoff MAM bag with gunmetal hardware.
    My only concern is that when I'm looking at all these gorgeous bags on Bonanzle it seems that NO ONE lists measurements. I decided rather then ask 10 sellers I'd ask 100 TpFer's.

    I'm a BIG BAG gal and carry the likes of Coach Julianne, Large Sabrina, Gigi. I never buy anything smaller then 14in. wide, 9in. tall and 5-6in deep. <----This is my ABSOLUTE minimum.

    So, could you gal's just kinda list off the larger RM bags??? I ofcourse assume the MAM is larger then MAM mini and so on and so forth. But, how big is a MAM???

    Please just help me with whatever little facts you have and words of wisdom for me. I can't stop my collection in it's tracks...but I REFUSE to buy another COACH bag anytime soon!!!!
  2. if your a BIG bag girl i would suggest a MAB which is the largest, the MAM is 20% smaller than the MAB

    i have both and I ADORE BOTH but i love the large smoosh factor of the MAB so i would opt for that - lunaboston has the dimensions of the bags listed on their site if you wanted to look!
  3. hi! i have the large coach sabrina in graphite patent (love that bag!)

    and it's roughly the same size as the MAB, with the same capacity.

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    Hi there! Welcome to the RM forum, sorry to hear of all your coach troubles. There are a few threads that list the dimensions of the MAM. If you feel the MAM may be too small, you could try the MAB.

    Morning after Bag is the full size version
    Morning after Mini is 20% smaller

    If you do a search there are also some more helpful threads on the same topic :smile:
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