Brad&Angelina at "The Good Shepherd" premiere!


Nov 7, 2006

Don't love the *art* on her back and don't think they look very happy together.

Yes I know I will be poo-poo'd on for this. Just not a fan. My Own Humble Opinion. :yes:
Wow, I like them together and think they look great. I think they look a little tired and thin from being in India. I am from there and I know how hard it can be trying to adjust. They will look really good in about three weeks.
i don't like her dress. bleh! but she looks tired and a little stiff, but i can understand 3 kids! they are still the hottest couple alive!
I think they look gorgeous together!! Definitely a little tired but I guess that's to be expected.

I adore the art on Angelina!! I love how she can have so many tattoos and still look classy. :yes: