Bracelets anyone?

  1. Today I received a gorgeous enamel bracelet and I know that lots of women like to wear them stacked.

    Does the gold/silver around the edge wear away? Should I wear them stacked? Will the banging ruin the edges????

    I'm thinking about getting two thin ones to wear on either side of this one which is about 3/4" wide.

    What do you guys think?
  2. Love it, Shopmom! I've been wearing H bangles stacked for years and have never had a problem. Go for it (and take pix)!
  3. For some reason. I have not been interested in the enamel bracelets, not my cup of tea yet I guess. I do have a Click Clack in PH with baby Pink enamel and I wear it sparingly. The metal has not faded yet and I bang this baby up!
  4. Baggs, I have exactly the same clic clac as you and have not worn it either. I dont know why, but it just doesnt seem to go with anything I have.:shrugs:

    One the other hand, I love their gold bangle and the ANO cuff...
  5. I ALWAYS wear more than one! And I love towear the different sizes together. D, I have owned Hermes enamel bracelets since 1997, and have yet to have a mark (one has a teeny spot of tarnish...?)....apparently, the only thing that will really do some damage is water. Don't do a L.Lo and wear them to the beach! LOL! You can leave your Birkin at home while you're at it, Lindsay!!
  6. Wear it....what have you got to lose?? I need another thin one myself...and btw pictures please??!!!
  7. Wish I can help w/ advice, D. H enamel bracelets are gorgeous but bangles in general annoy me!
  8. I wear one bangle at a time...I get frustrated with too many happening on one hand, but they do look great stacked!
  9. I love the stacked look
  10. Well.....this is remnants from my Bakelite bangle days when I used to scour the flea markets for these fabulous plastic bangles from the 40's and wear them 6 and 7 at a time!!! Don't want to repeat those days (I was much younger then) but I do like the look of maybe 3 bangles together. I just don't want them to get banged into oblivion.........
  11. what's life without a little banging, D??????

    he, he, he.....
  12. BTW - they can be re-polished.
  13. LMFAO!!!!!!!! HAS been a while..................:p
  14. i love a bangle! oddly comfortable - looks like it shouldn't be, but it is. i wear a gold one from tiffany, but solo. there will be minimal banging if you have long sleeves on. can't help you in the summer.
    i wasn't a huge fan of the enamel bracelets either until... perja maybe was it? got a snowflake one and that particular design .... ooooo, love it.

    now you may resume the inuendo
  15. wish i could help as well but their bracelets are too big for me. i have tiny wrists. and don't even get me started on the gloves...