bra for low back dress?

  1. i'm looking for a bra to wear with a halter neck dress with low back (lower than where the normal bra fastening is). i don't even know where to start looking:confused1: . i normally wear size 32B.
    can anyone recommend a style/brand of bra for this type of dress/top?

    thanks so much, girls!:flowers:
  2. thanks so much...i'm going to look for the chantelle on:yes:
  3. You are welcome! There is another kind that sticks on to your breasts. Just like 'tape' and they work well too but I couldn't find those online and can't think of the name but I think they are also made by Breast Forms.

    Let me know how the Chantelle works's great. I use my two regularly when I wear dresses.:smile:
  4. i go bra less with type of dress. But you should go to Victoria secret, they have a ton of bras and they can helo you find what you are looking for.
  5. I'd love to find a bra like this as well.. my problem is this.. i'm a 34b but HATE any padding. Anyone aware of one that isn't padded? It's insane how hard it is to even find a cute normal bra without padding, but this kind.. i havn't even really tried searching, haha
  6. i usually go bra-less :p

  7. That one is nice. It's similar to the Chantelle one but I may give this one a try too. Thanks for posting!
  8. Oh Gosh, I know what you mean! I hate the padding. Most all B cup bras come with padding! It's ridiculous that the designers think that every single woman want's to enhance/increase their breasts size!! I'm a 36B and very proud to be. My breasts are perfect in size IMO and my husbands I actually had a reduction/lift to DECREASE my size after having my boys and breastfeeding. I have plenty of the non padded can find them if you look....
  9. Because you are a B Cup there is a way to tape yourself up,(using tit tape, as though you are wearing a bra I just can't seem to find the link right now. As soon as I find it I will post the link. I'm a 38B and it worked for me, I wore a halter neck, backless number!
  10. Have you tried NuBra? It's good for completely backless tops as well. Not recommended for daily use of course, but does the job when in situations like this one!
  11. i went to la senza yesterday and got a couple of the convertible bras. they're have the same principle as the chantelle ones. they also had the NuBra, but i decided to go with the convertible bras instead. thanks everyone for your help:flowers: