boyfriend's present

  1. hey everyone!
    i want to buy my boyfriend an agenda this christmas.
    does louis vuitton make the best one?
    what other designers make nice-looking agendas? which in your opinion is the best?
    thanks for your help.
  2. lv agenda in vernis looks great......very chic and classy
  3. but not for a guy.. unless they made a black. but even the indigo is too fem for a guy (imo).

    to the OP:, you can opt for a damier or epi one, or if you want something low-key, taiga or nomade will also do.

    if you wanna look at other designers, coach leather ones are completely fine, gucci and goyard too. or burberry? i would LOVE an hermes one, but i don't have a couple grand to toss around for an agenda.
  4. Get him a Damier Medium Ring Agenda... it's the perfect size and very masculine!!!! :biggrin:
  5. ^^^ ITA.
    My bf also uses Damier Agenda MM!
  6. thanks for your quick responses!
    i'm not too into goyard..
    he is french so i would love to introduce him to a french designer and the only one i know that makes agendas is louis vuitton. am i correct?
    vernis agendas do not come in black unfortunately.

    right now it's a toss up between this one by coach for 218 US$:

    or the damier medium ring agenda for 425 US$ this is can be refilled and used again every year

    but the louis vuitton one is double the price.

    i need your advice girls. he spent about $200 CAD on our first date for dinner and dessert and parking. is spending 425 US$ on a christmas present too much for the first gift you give to a guy? this relationship is real and is not based on infatuation.
  7. Try to track down a Glace Agenda PM or MM...very sleek and classy but for men..
  8. okay the small ring agenda is 260 US$

    can anyone give me advice on the practicality of using the medium size versus the small size?

    does the small agenda provide enough space?
  9. You can go for the damier or a black epi agenda.

    And yes, vernis is a bit gay for the guys. :roflmfao:
  10. Yes:yes: This is what I was going to suggest.
  11. why would they discontinue the glacé line?
  12. No idea. Why would they discontinue anything in the first place:lol:
  13. that would have been perfect! :shrugs:
  14. But you could try calling shops to see if they have one left, they sometimes do! The damier could be an excellent second choice. Or black medium epi.
  15. he has to wear a black suit white shirt most of the days of the week.
    would the black epi work better? or the damier to offset the black/white clothing?