Boyfriend wants to buy fendi for girlfriend

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  1. My gf wants a fendi, and neither of us have money to buy one from a fendi store. She wants to get one from ebay... but i'm not sure as to which are fakes, and which are authentic. If somebody could help me out, and give me any suggestions as to what to look for, I'd appreciate it. She specifically wants a Fendi Spy Bag w/ Zucca, with a braided leather handle, one like this...

    Anything will help.... how can i tell the difference from Authentics and Fakes?
  2. Well, that's a fake. You won't see authentic bags going for that price.

    They were selling the zucca print spy on bluefly a while ago, you should keep on checking back there as they are a reputable retailer.
  3. i figured it would be fake for that price, but what would be certain things, or details about these purses to look for to ensure they are fake or authentic?
  4. I checked out the neg feedback and no buyer has ever questioned the authenticity of the seller's bags. So the seller is safe but idk about the bag

    Total mess. Item never delivered.
    Buyer donlagarto ( 53Feedback score is 50 to 99)
    no longer a registered user May-19-05 14:08 8190153778
    Reply by authenticities: Item lost in the mail. I issued a FULL and immediate refund. Neg. F.B not fair! May-19-05 16:55

    Neutral feedback rating Quick delivery; outdated expiration date on product; money refunded to Paypal.
    Buyer janl61957 ( 47Feedback score is 10 to 49) Jun-19-03 20:50 2932978074

    Neutral feedback rating wasn't exactly what I expected,pic never loaded so I never knew it was mini pump
    alvarado71500 ( 7 ) Mar-20-01 09:38 1218343997

    Good luck! You're a nice boyfriend
  5. It's hard to tell just by looking at pictures if they are fake or not.You can go to a Fendi store and they check the authenticity of the bag. For that price though, I'm sure it is fake. Is she not interested in any other color of the Fendi Spys? Good luck! What a nice boyfriend you are!
  6. well, i'm not an expert on fendi bags but the best way to tell if the spy bag is authentic is the price. it retails for about $2000, i doubt someone would be stupid enough to sell it for $200.
  7. :nuts:
    that's it in a nutshell!:lol:
  8. Be careful, a high price doesn't always mean that it isn't a fake. Wasn't there just recently someone selling fake bags for just a little under retail that burned several people on this site?

    It's also a good idea to be able to look at lots of photos, then post them and maybe some of the fendi experts here can help you out.
  9. I am eyeing one on Amazon but I'm a bit reluctant to shell out the money right now as I have bought lots of bags since the end of last year.

    Here's a link to all the Fendi handbags on

    Note that some are sold by Bluefly and some are other third-party sellers. I bought an authentic PRADA nylon bag a month ago and am eyeing a Fendi one right now.
  10. I think buying off from Ebay is quite scary and need to be very careful. But some ppl ( I think )they buy it even tho they know it's fake just because it is way cheaper...
  11. Real fendi spy bags seldom goes below retail. I think it's almost always goes above 1500. Most of us who have the real ones or is a bag-addict can tell between the real and the fakes. You can ask us if you want to..
  12. Ghosh..I am not good at all on this subject that why I always go to the boutique so I don't have to worry with the fake. I am not a good helper here. Sorry..I wish I could help.