Boyfriend issue-PLEASE HELP:(

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  1. I just read all your wonderful replies, and I'm just in tears. Not because of him, but because of how caring and supportive you guys are. You have no clue what this means to me. I have no one to talk to about this, and talking to you guys has prevented my heart from exploding from sadness. All I want, and ever wanted, was a man to love me. I thought I had it with him, but that magic is now gone. And all I can think about is when is my happiness supposed to happen? How long do I have to wait? It's just a hard concept to accept. And it's even more difficult to realize that my once love of my life is no longer my love. I really thought we were going to get married and have a family and future together. What a ****ty time of year to be alone..........:sad:
  2. I'm so sorry! Believe me, I've been there. But things will be a thousand times better once you face reality. Sometimes the 'we'll be getting married, so I can put up with things' temptation is so great. It's better to face things now than to endure much emotional estangement the years ahead. Don't feel alone. We're all here for you. Feel free to PM if you are feeling blue.
  3. I think you're realizing this is just not a man you want to build a life with.

    Break ups are hard, but I think you's time.
  4. Bluebunny, why are you still with this guy???? You were complaining about him being an insensitive jerk back in September, and 4 months later you are still with him and still complaining about what an insensitive jerk he is??? UH...hello? Anyone home?

    I feel your pain etc etc but come on now. Get a grip! This guy has made it pretty clear he isn't going to change. He's an *******, plain and simple. And frankly if you continue in this relationship, knowing he's an *******...then you are a fool.
  5. Well, I can tell you one thing--you're a lot more likely to find a great guy if you are romantically available! You need to give yourself some time to get over this guy, but I think the other caring people here agree that all signs point to "get out now." It is hard to be young, stressed with school, and going through this at the same time. I'm sure it feels like a huge burden to even think about starting over again, but you will. Hopefully when that happens you will think that the heartache of having to end this relationship was worth it because it allowed you to be open to a much better one.
  6. Look at it this way, better to realize NOW that he isn't the person you deserve, than after getting married. Yes, this is an awful time of year to feel alone, and I'm sending you ((hugs)). I hope you have some friends that you can spend time with or call someone to talk. Do you have a church or temple where you could attend services or volunteer? This may be unrealistic, 'cause it sounds like you're pretty busy.

    Take good care of yourself and that includes being with people who value you and treat you kindly. We all deserve that. Come here and unload anytime you feel the need.:heart:
  7. I remember your previous thread. Think about it - if you had split up with him then, when you began to realize what an ******* this guy is, where would you be now? Single, living your life the way you want, without someone who is constantly putting you down and treating you badly. Sure, it might still hurt a little, but every day you would be one step closer to moving on and getting over this jerk.

    I know it probably sounds difficult and practically impossible to imagine your life without him, but you need to realize that you are better off without him. The first step is the hardest, and it won't be easy. But you'll thank yourself down the road. I was in a similar situation, and I know I did ;)
  8. I did it tonight. We broke up. I hurt so much that I can't even cry. Thank you girls for giving me the strength. And thanks for your support.
    love you guys:heart::heart::crybaby:
  9. BlueBunny, I'm so sorry that you are in such pain right now, but I hope you realize that you've done the best thing. You don't need to "settle" for less than you deserve. I'm wishing you strength to get through the tough days ahead. I love you for being a strong woman who is taking good care of herself.:heart:
  10. I know how hard it is to end a relationship, especially at this time of year (my ex and split at Christmas four years ago).

    Know that this too shall pass. Make it through the next hour, the next day, and the next week will get easier, the next month will feel like a bit of healing, and next year will be a slice of heaven for you.
  11. I know this is going to sound cheesy, but the chances are good that you will put up with more than any woman should tolerate if you continue to feel this way. A man will not make you happy. When you are happy, though, you will be far more likely to find a man who adores you and treats you well. There is an air of desperation to your statement, which is understandable given the enormous pain you are now going through. But now is a time you have to think about you. If you treat yourself the way you ought to be treated, and if you are complete and happy with yourself, you will find the love of your life - someone who will treasure you no matter what circumstances arise and no matter your weight or your looks.

    I am so sorry he was such a jerk and that you are alone this time of year. It won't be easy for quite some time. But I agree with the other people here that it really was the best decision you could have made.
  12. Oh Bluebunny! I am sad but I am also SO happy that you found the strength to do what you needed to do. You are going to be a WONDERFUL doctor and I know you will find someone who deserves you! Consider yourself lucky that you are free of the burden that was once your jerkface boyfriend! (I can't even remember the last time I said jerkface! Ha ha.)
  13. Sorry if I sound like a broken record replying to these threads, but sometimes it is easy to forget that the whole purpose of love us to make us happy.

    If you are in a relationship that makes you sad, makes you cry, feel insecure, hurt, rejected, all that awful stuff that each and every one of us over the age of 14 have felt at one time or another, then that relationship is not making you happy, and it is doubtful that it is making the other person happy.

    Men are like jeans. You have to try on a whole lot of jeans before you find the ones that are your perfect fit, and with men, the same thing. You have to go through a whole lot of wrong ones before you get to that Right One.

    And just as it is with jeans, you may not find that Right One when, or where, or how you expected, or planned, or hoped you would, and you have to love yourself enough to put those baggy butt jeans, and those wrong men, back on the rack.

    But when you do find that Right One, loving him, and being loved by him, will make you both feel happy, the way love is supposed to do, and as you both deserve.

    And it will be well worth the wait!
  14. ^^ I couldn't have said it better myself!
  15. Oh sweetie I feel so awful for you....Just remember we have ALL been there...Heartache is the worst! And we've all learned from it...Stand up straight...Shoulders back...stomach in..Take a deep breath...Take one step forward into your new life...Congrats! That's the hardest part! You will be an excellent doctor..It sounds like you are very empathetic and wise...You will meet someone when you least expect it...In the meantime absolutely DO NOT think you need a man/relationship to be complete...You are your own best friend and favorite company...Enjoy your life...Trust me it flies....Good luck and try to enjoy your holiday..As for the prick boyfriend screw the insensitive *******...Hope he ends up with a ditzy annoying bleach blonde that squeaks when she talks and snorts when she laughs...And he deserves worse that that for bringing you down...HUGS!! :heart: Emmy