Boy bag help! Black or Silver?

  1. Hey everyone. I'm plotting my next handbag purchase. These boy bags are killing me! The question is, black or Silver? Can you wear silver bags that often? I love both but I'm so torn!



  2. Silver!!!! Sure it isn't technically "neutral," but it is going to go with almost everything!
  3. Hey! I ended up ordering this same silver bag through my Saks SA :smile: I'll be receiving it in a few days.
    I'm also a little unsure about how wearable it is but I decided to grab it because it's limited edition.
    I figured if I dislike it in person I can always exchange for another model!
    I'll tell you about it when I receive it.
  4. YAY! I was about to order it too but decided to consider the black version first I'm so happy you got it! Please post pictures!! So excited.
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  5. I don't have a silver bag, but I do have the metallic charcoal grey jumbo from a few years ago, and it goes with anything. I think most silver bags would go with most anything :smile:
  6. I think black is classic!
  7. So torn! I think I might go for the black? It has a good amount of silver accents to keep it fun. But I'm still thinking haha
  8. Go and look in your closet and picture you have the silver and see how wearable its going to be with your wardrobe and that'll give you your answer.

    Don't get the silver simply because its nice to look at as you will probably end up regretting it and wishing you had got the black once the excitement of the silver wears off.
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  9. I've been looking at my closet and I think the black might be the better choice for me ‍♀️ I do love the silver and I think it'll look amazing with all black outfits. But I wear a lot of nude and grey. I think the black might work more for me. Thanks for your input!!!
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  10. I like them both! I do wonder if the black would be more durable long term if you are going to wear it a lot, silver being lighter might show marks or wear more, and sometimes metallic leathers dull or the metallic wears off in spots over time, I've never had a Chanel metallic so I don't know how theirs are though.
  11. That's another concern I had :sad: I'm not familiar with calfskin Chanel bags? I only have lamb and caviar. Is calf durable?
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  12. Ooooh thank you! I wish I had room for both haha. They're both too gorgeous. I'm dying over these boy jackets. :heart:
  13. Silver is beautiful but will the novelty remain after a while? Black seems the 'sensible' choice but does the black 'make your heart sing'? Have you considered other designs?
  14. Yes, the black makes the heart sing too!! Honestly I really love both. I wasn't a fan of silver or anything metallic until I saw the video of the silver one! Then I discovered it's also coming out in black the tweed and chain detailing are so beautiful!
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  15. I prefer the Black but unsure about the edge design on the boy bag, looks busy with the design but maybe seeing it in person would have a different opinion.
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